ISBN 978-3-939625-20-9 (german)

ISBN 978-3-939625-21-6 (engl.)



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Prinz Eisenherz/Prince Valiant

- Camelot Edition -

Prince Valiant in original size!

For the first time, the marvellous illustrations by Hal Foster are available in digitally restored form in the original US-newspaper size (39 x 54 cm / 15,5 x 22 inch). Hal Foster's decade-long work shows an amazing level of detail printed in the size originally intended for its publication. Experience the epic tale of chivalrous deeds in a way never seen before!

Information about the Camelot Edition:

-  elaborately detailed portfolio containing 51 single sheets printed on both sides

-  printed on high-grade paper

-  limited to 700 numbered copies

-  Number 1-300 in German, Number 301-700 in English

-  each portfolio contains an original US-Prince Valiant-newspaper page (in full page size)

Each edition is numbered three times - on the front of the portfolio, on the certificate and on the border of the original newspaper page.

We only have a limited number of Prince Valiant Full Pages available, so it isn´t possible to order a specific page with your Camelot Edition. The pages included with the Camelot Edition are dated from the 1940s and 1950s.

The following images are giving an impression of the Camelot Edition:



Camelot Edition Camelot Edition


On these images you can see a CD and two Prince Valiant publications in direct comparison to the original newspaper-size, which is almost DIN A2.